Bee There Now

Bee There Now

Future Responsibility

Without bees, things don’t just look bleak for fruit and vegetables – bees also pollinate many other types of crops and trees, which produce necessary oxygen.

Bee there too and join us in saving the bees!

The Bee Hotel – Nesting and Overwintering Help

Bee hotels are becoming increasingly important, especially for the survival of wild bees, as they are solitary creatures and do not live in a swarm like honey bees. Urbanization and dense settlements make it very difficult for bees to find food and nesting sites for their offspring. Therefore, especially in big cities, they depend on human help to provide them with suitable nesting sites.

Hang your new bee hotel in a place protected from wind and rain and you will see the first visitors soon!

Honey from Local Beekeepers – A Contribution to Our Nature

By supporting local honey producers, you receive healthy food of excellent quality while avoiding unnecessary transport and supporting small businesses, contributing to the local economy and our native nature.

Sweeten up your day!

Biodiversity Starts in Small Ways

A blooming sea of flowers is not only a feast for the eyes, but also provides valuable food for bees, bumblebees and hoverflies. Enjoy the splendor of blossoms and buzzing sound in your garden or on the balcony! 

Join us

If you like to join this initiative and put up a bee hotel in your own garden, contact your local Gleason respresentative or visit our online shop.

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