Gear School

Tecnología Máquina de Engranajes, Metrología, Herramientas, Utillajes de Sujeción
Nivel Básico
Proceso Teoria de Procesos de Engranajes
Curso número C-GGA50
Duración de la clase Each session 2.5h - Total set 12.5h
Número de participantes 50
Ubicación de la formación Formación Online, Loves Park, IL, USA, Querétaro, México
Price Tags $90.00 per session / $360.00 for an entire set (5 sessions)

Gleason’s Gear School goes Virtual!

The well-known Gear School offered by Gleason Cutting Tools in Rockford, IL for more than 70 years, is now available virtually. Join experienced experts to learn about gear theory and math, the required tooling, manufacture and inspection of gears. 

Traditional classes are now split into a series of weekly sessions over the course of 5 weeks, which build gear know-how modularly and step-by-step. With each session participants will learn more about different aspects of gear technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes including Power Skiving and latest gear inspection solutions. We offer this series twice a year.

The Gear School is intended for “anyone” interested in learning more about the world of gears. The course is regularly attended by people in all aspects of the gear manufacturing processes; including purchasing, sales, engineering, and manufacturing. The course starts with basic topics and builds on them to give students a full understanding of the basic building blocks of the gear industry. Upon leaving the Gear School, students should have enough knowledge to identify different types of gears, gear cutting tools, and processes used everyday in the gear industry.

Participant data of Seminars is treated confidentially and will not be published. 



• Live Seminar - further education like in a real classroom.
• No travel time and travel cost.
• Direct communication via audio and video with your trainer.
• Digital training documents.
• Flexible from the workplace or home office via the internet.
• Optimized time management - each session 2.5 hours.
• Planable, even with contact and travel restrictions.
• Certificate if all sessions of the seminar are completed.


Seminar schedule and topics

• Introduction to Gear Technology, Gear Basics, Gear Math
• Hobs, Sharpening and Mounting, Applications
• Shaping and Power Skiving, Materials and Coatings
• Gear Inspection and Analytics
• Hard Finishing and Hard Finishing Applications



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