Registration closed KISSsys Live Stream, part 1: Modeling Gearboxes

日付 2021年3月16日 - 2021年3月18日 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
言語 英語
Level ベーシック
加工 デザインソフトウェア
提供 KISSsoft AG
Price Tags € 1,000

KISSsys, part 1: Modeling Gearboxes

KISSsys is a powerful tool to model and analyze entire transmission groups. The KISSsys training consists of 3 individual parts that build on each other. Part 1 introduces KISSsys and the modeling of gearboxes with single and coaxial shafts using different modeling techniques.

The training will take place on 3 consecutive days, during afternoon sessions that start at 2 pm and end at 6 pm.

For participants in Europe:
March 16, 2021: CET 2 pm - 6 pm (Brussels)
March 17, 2021: CET 2 pm - 6 pm (Brussels)
March 18, 2021: CET 2 pm - 6 pm (Brussels)

Also suited for participants in parts of Americas:
March 16, 2021: EST 8 am - 12 pm (New York)
March 17, 2021: EST 8 am - 12 pm (New York)
March 18, 2021: EST 8 am - 12 pm (New York)

The training is meant for design engineers and everybody who likes to calculate gearboxes using a system tool.


Participants will learn how to create single shaft models and how to handle models with coaxial shafts. In addition, special kinematic conditions - like a powersplit - will be looked at and calculated. Practical exercises of industrial gearboxes will conclude the basic training.

The full schedule is provided in the training program.



You will need a notebook to actively participate in the training course. It is advantageous to have 2 screens, but this is not a prerequisite.  
Registration will close on March 11, 2021. Before the start of the training, participants will receive a test version, electronic training documentation and a link with information to join the Live Stream training.