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We are the competence center for engineering and producing hobs and milling cutters exactly designed to our customer needs. All in the highest quality the market has to offer.

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Tool Reconditioning

Gleason Cutting Tools Eisenbach is capable of reconditioning hobs, milling cutters, shaper cutters and Power-Skiving tools, regardless of the tool material. Services include the resharpening of worn tools, the reprofiling of tools to the existing or a new profile and the stripping and recoating of tools with state-of-the-art coatings. After the reconditioning the used tools are comparable to new tools in quality, tool life and output.

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Manufacturing of Small Batches and Prototypes

The plant in Eisenbach offers the manufacturing of small batches and prototypes of gears, e.g. for pre-production batches or test samples. Processes offered are soft and hard hobbing as well as single pitch generating grind and profile grinding. The quality of the parts are controlled on gear inspection centers according to the DIN 3972 standard.

Black Forest 

Our plant is located in Eisenbach, Germany, in an area called “Gear Valley”. Many watchmakers got their start here, making this area a hot spot for the gear industry. Not only does the Black Forest offer many mid-sized companies, but the scenery is breath taking - with its mountains and Black Forest trees.

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In 2014, IMS Koepfer Cutting Tools became a part of the Gleason Family and now operates as Gleason Cutting Tools GmbH. The history of producing cutting tools started as early as the end of the 19th century. Today, we are one of the most modern manufacturers of high precision carbide tools.

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We take our promises seriously. Our locations are certified to current standards employing best practice processes to keep quality at the highest level, continuously improving efficiency and actively managing and correcting deviations that may occur.

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