The Expanding Mandrel That Always Fits!

LeCount® expanding mandrels are primarily used for inspection applications. The patented, tool-less design of the expanding mandrel is based on the principle of parallel expanding jaws that slide smoothly to grip the inside diameter of the part. The mandrel itself is then seated between centers. LeCount expanding mandrels are available from 6.5 to 177 mm clamping diameter of the bore.

A Mandrel for Everyone

Standard LeCount® Mandrels are divided by type: Popular Type A covers a wide range due to its two jaws sections, Type B with only one jaw section suits well to long parts, Type C, is particularly compact with a reduced center height and weight, Type M is ideally suited for very small diameters. Available with part locators for horinzontal positioning.

Running Out of Runout

Despite the large clamping range, the runout error of a LeCount® expanding mandrel is at a maximum of 2.5 µm over the entire clamping range.

Mandrels for Bores with Splines

Many parts have internal splines within the primary bore which can be accomodated with the Gleason LeCount® Spline Mandrels. Operating similar to the standard mandrels, the pitch diameter of the part is ground into the contact edge of the three jaws, and altering the spacing between the jaws as needed. They can also be made to contact the major and minor diameter.

Hob Inspection

We also offer our type H for hob inspection. Here you can choose between nine models covering a range from 31.62 to 60.25 mm.

Calibration Services

Our annual global calibration service ensures that your LeCount® expanding mandrels function geometrically correct at all times, documented by the enclosed calibration protocol. Should the expanding mandrel exceed its service life after faithful service, you will receive a new expanding mandrel via our replacement service.

Keep it Simple

Parts are loaded onto the mandrel and over the jaws by tapping the mandrel against a softer surface such as a brass ring. This action essentially locks the part into the expanding jaws and does not require any tool intervention. For unloading, a light tap on the opposite end of the mandrel will release the part. Below you will find a suitable video on how to use the LeCount®.

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