A Task on Its Own

Heat Treatment and other post-soft operations can often lead to distortion of critical features and gear teeth. The result is undesirable runout and other part deformations that must be corrected. While rework can be an option, it may become cost-intensive, too complex or simply not feasible if available stock is insufficient.

Pitch Line Fixtures

Gleason Pitch Line Fixtures are a great way to improve final accuracy between the gear pitch line and other critical datums. Using precision balls, Pitch Line Fixtures are highly accurate modules that center on the pitch diameter of a gear and are used in finishing operations such as hard turning, grinding and inspection. 

Hit the Right Pitch

We will be happy to work with you to define an effective clamping system for your gear range, taking into account all project parameters. Gleason Pitch Line is suitable for a wide range of gears: bevel gears and pinions, cylindrical gears and shaft-type parts.

Available for Any Process

Pitch Line Fixtures can be adapted to any type of machine and automation process. To position the part accurately, spring-loaded centers or dynamic jaws can be integrated for tight fit of the part without tailstock. Pitch Line is also available with hydraulic quick change adapter to allow a fast change from one part to another.

Gear Trainer Webinar

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Recorded Webinar: Pitch Line Chucks for Excellent Gear Precision and Improved Productivity. 

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