Gleason Workholding Acessories

Gleason offers useful accessories for the operation, inspection, protection and maintenance of your workholding equipment, for example maintenance kits, operating tools, inspection equipment and protective devices. You can simply request them via our e-ticket Tooling by entering the desired accessory under Gleason Tooling Number.

e-Ticket Tooling

Workholding Maintenance Set
Gleason Tooling Number: On request

Preventative maintenance of workholding equipment is crucial to ensure longetivity and a high level of functionality. To assist in the maintenance, Gleason provides a local care set which consists of gloves, abrasive pad, cleaning spray and special lubricant. Note: Versions can vary from country and region as this set is not shipped internationally.

Workholding Transport and Protection Device
Gleason Tooling Number: On request (ETO)

Our protective devices for transport, storage and rest reliably protect the clamping device. They are manufactured in the same basic dimensions as the component to be clamped in the clamping area and are marked with the signal color red for visualization.

QFP Clamping Wrench
Gleason Tooling Number: 1832183 (155 mm), 1832184 (185 mm), 1832185 (275 mm)

Gleason Quik-Flex® Plus clamping wrench releases and clamps the upper module. Accurate and easy torque adjustment with a fixed value, with audible and tactile release when the tightening value is reached. Available in 3 standard sizes, depending on the size of your QFP unit.

Clamping Head Changing Fixtures
Gleason Tooling Number: see list below

With this changeover device, you can easily and safely insert and remove the expansion chuck into/from the clamping device. A clamping head change fixture is required for changeover.


Clamping head change device SK 32 manual 1786278
Clamping head Changing device SK 42 manual 1971355
Clamping head Changing device SK 52 manual 1630258
Clamping head Changing device SK 65 manual 1698897
Clamping head Changing device SK 80 manual 1711688
Clamping head Changing device SK 100 pneumatic 1947279
Clamping head Changing device SK 120 manual 1874270
Clamping head Changing device SK 120 pneumatic 1788665
Clamping head Changing device SK 140 manual 1875835
Clamping head Changing device SK 140 pneumatic 1952307

Concentric Rings for LeCount® Mandrels
Gleason Tooling Number: Depending on the model of mandrel

Concentric rings are specifically made for the inspection and qualification of Gleason LeCount® mandrels. Inhouse rings allow the inspection to be done on a regular basis, saving time and money when utilized regularly at your facility. Concentric rings are accurate to 1.3µm from the inner diameter to the outer diameter.

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