Minimum Distortion

Quench fixtures are used to contain a part during the quenching process and minimze the distortion that is often attributed to the heat treatment process. Offering the perfect compliment to Gleason quenching machines, quenching fixtures can be designed for any customer part and a given lot size that will fit on a given machine.

Standard and Special Applications

We offer a standad program of contracting and expanding dies, ranging from 406 to 685 mm (16-27"), and design dies for specific applications up to 1,200 mm (47").


We Take Acccuracy Seriously

Gleason quenching fixtures are twice as accurate as the geometric tolerance at pre-quench state, for example .025 mm (.001") pre-quench and .050 mm (.002") after quench.

Always the Right Solution

We design and manufacture workholding systems to customers' unique production and quality requirements based on decades of experience in the field of gear manufacturing and clamping technology. Gleason workholding systems are ideal suited for both gears and non-gear applications across machines of many different manufacturers.


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